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  • There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.

  • (Dirt Bike) off road bike; not street legal.

  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used esp. in scrambling

  • (dirt bike) trail bike: a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension; an off-road motorcycle designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground

  • Be let or hired out at a specified rate

  • let for money; "We rented our apartment to friends while we were abroad"

  • lease: grant use or occupation of under a term of contract; "I am leasing my country estate to some foreigners"

  • (of an owner) Let someone use (something) in return for payment

  • Pay someone for the use of (something, typically property, land, or a car)

  • a payment or series of payments made by the lessee to an owner for use of some property, facility, equipment, or service



Yes Mr. Sharkey, all of nature is talking to you. It wants to know if you can help pay the rent. It's due and it is much later than it seems.

A couple of weeks ago on a particularly sweltering, soupy, summer evening, I started pedaling my way home from work along the river bike path. A few miles into the ride my legs lost their zest becoming clay like (a reminder that I forgot to eat anything that day). A few miles later my arms and hands were numb and I was barely coasting along. Water didn't help. At sixteen miles or so I found a shady spot to get off the bike and sit in the grass on the edge of the bicycle path. Opposite me, across the paved trail, nearly motionless, cute in sort of God was in a mood for a joke when this thing was assembled, there was this woman, a woman turtle, a very large, egg bearing female, Eastern Spiny Soft Shell Turtle staring me down. "Weird" I thought.

While I sat waiting for my body to digest some of itself, the mutual staring contest with this unusually placid and unusually large (the oval carapice being about fourteen inches across and easily eighteen inches long with the entire creature being two feet from stem to stern) odd looking turtle took on surreal aspects when other cyclists sped by. Obviously trying to avoid any entanglement with my welfare while pedaling their bicycles down a five foot wide path, they stared off to the opposite side or pretended to be hypnotized by their front wheel rolling on pavement. Invariably they would migrate to the opposite edge of the path from me. Some of them missed hitting the big turtle by less than an inch. Even though it would seem they were staring directly at her, none of them even noticed the turtle. She made no effort to move out of their way. I watched her flinch and stretch and move in little shudders. Under her, she was depositing her eggs in the soft debris filled dirt at the edge of the pavement. It was an unwise choice that gave me a momentary window into the drama of predestination.

You might wonder what possibly associates this little bit of drama with predestination and Calvinists: The following Monday I found the clutch of eggs had been extricated from their nest through a small hole. Some animal with small sharp paws possessing the ability to pull out a dozen or so small eggs made off with a feast at the expense of this turtle's mammoth struggle, defiant self sacrifice and unavoidable habitual behavior. My heart sunk as i rolled past the little patch of dirt with the hole in it. Then I smiled and thought to myself, "F*ckn crazy Calvinist turtle".

7. On the Road (day 1 : hours 1-5)

7. On the Road (day 1 : hours 1-5)

We made it 20 minutes down the road, when suddenly Noy's cell phone rang (yes, even rural mountain villagers have mobile phones). Seems that my wife had forgotten one package, so I pulled over and waited for someone on a dirt bike to bring it to us.

Then we stopped for ONE HOUR to visit the PASTOR of our Christian Church in downtown Chumpon. The Thai minister is very nice, doesn't speak much English, but his wife can. In fact, his wife speaks very good Finnish, for some reason. She speaks Finnish to her 4 cats all the time just to stay in practice. And you know what? THEY UNDERSTAND HER!

Then, on we pushed, ONE TWO THREE hours still going up the narrow stretch of Thai peninsula, with the Myanmar (Burma) border just a few kilometers away on the left hand side, in the middle of the mountain range... TIME FOR A BREAK. We stopped at one of the smaller beaches around the corner from the famous resort of Hua Hin. This beach is famous for the horsie rides on real hosses.

We thought of staying for the night, as the rooms were only about US $8 each. It was only 5:30pm, and we hadn't covered enough ground yet, so in spite of the fact that we were giving up a nice place, we had to push on.

Theoretically, this HONDA JAZZ rental car was NOT SUPPOSED to be driven AT NIGHT. Why? Because of the RED LICENSE PLATE. It was a new car, and therefore had these crazy restrictions on it. Come to think of it, the LAST HONDA JAZZ I drove in Thailand 5 months earlier also had had RED PLATES, but NOBODY HAD TOLD ME that I wasn;t supposed to drive at night.

Even the AVIS RENT-A-CAR guy at the Bangkok Airport the day before had appeared very unconcerned and said "Never mind" about it. "If the police pull you over, just say you didn't know. If that doesn't work, offer them a 100 baht bribe (US $3).

The two dogs were glad to run around, and the people sat down and rented a beach mat. Soon, all sorts of vendors stopped to call at the mat, offering chicken, barbequed eggs, dried cuttlefish, and other delicacies. Our party ate up a storm, but I was beat from driving and tried to take a nap. Too hot! So I wandered up and down the beach taking a few photos.

rent dirt bikes

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