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Vaude Bike Bags

vaude bike bags

  • Vaudes is a commune in the Aube department in north-central France.

  • VAUDE is a German producer of mountain sports equipment. The head office is in Tettnang, Germany. It was founded in 1974 by Albrecht von Dewitz. The name of the firm is derived from the initials of its founder (V, D).

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

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vaude bike bags - Vaude Bicycle

Vaude Bicycle Messenger Bag 25 - 10924010

Vaude Bicycle Messenger Bag 25 - 10924010

The bike messenger's bag for medium to large items and professional use. Bike messengers can't be beat for clocking thousands of miles on their bikes. So they really rely on having durable, rugged load haulers. Our messenger bags are just the thing, made from tough Tarpaulin that can take a beating! And it's not super-huge, so it's easy to put on and take off yet still have enough volume to carry all of your daily essentials on your commute. And all this "Made in Germany"! Black only. Product Details: waterproof roll closure - internal organizer pockets- padded back - reflective elements. Material: Polyester Elastomere coated. Total volume: 25 liters.

78% (11)

Cycle recycling

Cycle recycling

Testing a Brompton for day-to-day practicality, including a visit to the recycling point. The huge front bag was crammed full of a month's worth of plastic bottles, but I still needed my rack bag to take the rest! Who needs a car for that? I could have made the same trip on my upright tourer-mtb using four panniers, or for even more capacity I could have added the rack bag and my messenger bag.

This is an older short wheelbase T6 model: six gears, carrier rack and front luggage block. Although it folds beautifully, for someone my height and leg strength it's an awful bike to ride compared with my Dahon Helios SL. That has faster wheels, more cockpit space for longer reach, bar ends, 9 gears, V-brakes, a long-enough seatpost, and it weighs about 19lbs. I wonder what newer Bromptons with the longer frame and lower handlebars would be like on Edinburgh's hills?

Newbikebags3 110606

Newbikebags3 110606

My brand! new! Vaude waterproof bike bags from Mountain Equipment Co-op. These are the 44 L capacity Vaude World Cycle II model, made of a rubberized waterproof fabric. These have no zippers (bike bag zippers and I have had poor prior relationships) but close and secure by rolling down and then strapping down. They include a handy shoulder strap for toting around stores or campsites.
The lock to frame mechanism is really cool, basiclly being a click on click off system that works by either pressing down on the frame, or lifting up by the handle. This picture show the bags on the bike after I'd adjusted and fitted them.

vaude bike bags

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